Build a Garment Rack IKEA

Jan 5th
Small Garment Rack IKEA
Small Garment Rack IKEA

Garment rack IKEA – Simple garment racks are very useful in laundry and storage areas where out-of-season clothes are kept. By storing clothes inside garment bags or plastic bags and hang them on hangers on a rack, the clothes keep their shape better and faster to find and move when you need them. Assembling a simple garment rack of PVC pipes is a project well within the abilities most crafters. Then making this a great project for a weekend afternoon.

Build a garment rack IKEA, measure and cut four pieces of 1-inch PVC pipe to 36 inches wide using a metal saw, and a saw box. Cut the four pieces of 1-inch PVC pipe to 12 inches long. apply the PVC adhesive to the outer ends of a 36-inch tube. Use PVC glue to the inside of an elbow. Slide the elbow onto the pipe fixed so that the glue puts them together. Repeat for the other side of the pipe with another elbow. This is the top track on your clothes rack. Hang down and make sure the elbows are even and point in the same direction.

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After that to build a garment rack IKEA, adhesive inside of one elbow and the outer edge of a second 36-inch tube. Insert the pipe into the elbow. Repeat with a third tube and the second elbow. These will be the posts of the rack. Set these pieces aside for later. Adhesives an elbow at one end of each of the four 12-inch pipe sections. Its legs. Glue two 12-inch sections of pipe in a four-way connector. Change your elbows down. Fit and glue the last 36-inch pipe into the four-way connector as the last connector on the four-way face up when the leg elbows on the 12-inch pipe is facing downward.

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