Build a Large Rustic Clock by Your Own

Oct 13th
Large Rustic Clock Hands
Large Rustic Clock Hands

Large Rustic Clock – If there is something that cannot be missing in our house is a clock. And that’s why today we tell you how to make a very beautiful, rustic style, with few materials. It is a very simple but very cute work, and very decorative. Even it can be a nice gift to give to the men of the family.

The first thing to do is get your trunk cut as the main material of large rustic clock. Many people cut their own wood, and if you are one of those you probably get it easily. Otherwise, in places that sell to firewood, at the same time as simply cutting, you sure get a cut of this type at a very low price. Once you have it, check if it is neatly cut. If you like the state you are in you do not have to do anything, otherwise you can sand it to create it.

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Once you are ready, mark the end of the cutout and make a needle with the drill. Ensure that the drill wick is large enough to pass through the wood cutout and is as wide as the dowel of the watch machine. Then, if you wish, you can draw the numbers with the pyro recorder. This is to your liking you can leave it without drawings, do only some, or make them all. Finally, watch the machine, with the needles to the front and hang the large rustic clock to decorate your room cute.

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