Build a Mattress Frame for Queen Size Bunk Beds

Dec 8th
Unique Queen Size Bunk Beds
Unique Queen Size Bunk Beds

Queen size bunk beds – Starting with drill four holes each of the 80-inch beams. These using a drill bit of the same diameter as your bolt. Place two holes in the center at each end of the beam, 2 3/4 inches and 3 1/2 inches from the end, respectively. Second, set two 80-inch beams (one with drilled holes and one outside). And also two 27-inch beams in a rectangle with the longer beams on the outside. Screw the rectangle together with two screws in each corner.
Third, repeat steps one and two three times to build a total of four rectangles for mattress frame queen size bunk beds. Fourth, put two rectangles together to form a larger rectangle the size of a queen mattress (60 inches-by -80 inches). Connect them by driving bolts through drilled holes in the two beams touching each other in the middle. Fifth, place two plywood slabs over the rectangle. So that the edges flush with the rectangle. Screw them into place with a screw in each corner.
Sixth, strengthen the plywood with two evenly distributed screws along each edge. Seventh, turn the mattress frame of queen size bunk beds over. Place one of the 80-inch strips. So it runs along the two middle beams that cover both of them. Eight, screw strip into place with 12 evenly spaced screws, dazzling placement. So every other screw is in another beam. This will help prevent sagging in the middle of your frame. Last, repeat steps four to eight to build the other queen size bunk beds mattress frame.

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