How To Clean Wheels Of IKEA Rolling Chair

Oct 2nd
Top IKEA Rolling Chair
Top IKEA Rolling Chair

How To Clean Wheels Of IKEA Rolling Chair – Whether your desk chair rolls on a plastic mat, a hardwood floor or on a mat, the wheel collect dirt. The dirt on the wheels can transfer to your clean floors, leaving marks in the carpet and eventually cause your chair does not work properly. Learn some very simple tips to clean the wheels and keep them clean.

Wipe the wheel cover when dust around your IKEA rolling chair. Turn the chair upside down and clean the wheel cover with a damp cloth. Spin the wheels slowly while the fabric on the inside of the lid. Pull the wheel out and clean it separately. Most rolling chair wheels just pop in and out easily. If your rolling chair is screwed into place, screw each wheel at least once a year and clean it thoroughly, remove all long hairs or strings that can catch in the mechanism and cause it to stick.

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Wipe the wheel of IKEA rolling chair if you use water on it. You do not want any rust to accumulate. Nothing is worse than a squeaky wheel when you’re trying to concentrate. Spray a lubricant on the part of the wheel related to the gears or screws to hold the rolling easily. Wipe off any excess so that it will not drip on the floor. Replace broken or chipped wheels. Get good solid polyurethane wheels, as it will hold up longer. You may have to replace all the wheels if you use a different size so you can continue to sit evenly on the chair.

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