Cleaning Rustic Shower Curtains

Feb 21st
Western Rustic Shower Curtains

Rustic shower curtains are exposed to water, soap and general humidity, in addition to typical household dirt and dust from everyday handling. Instead, you can spot clean every week and schedule comprehensive cleaning with less frequent intervals, such as monthly. Rustic shower curtains are typically used with a liner, which is cleaned in the same way as a vinyl curtain.

Instructions of Rustic Shower Curtains

Leave the rustic shower curtains in place and look up some spots of mold or mildew that need cleaning. Dip a soft brush in the solution to gently scrub away all the stains of mildew or dirt. Pour water on the inside of the curtain to rinse off the bleach solution. A water jug with a spout or sprinkler head works well.

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Spray the inside of the curtain with vinegar if it turns many hard water spots. Fill the tub halfway up with hot water.  Remove the rustic shower curtains from the hooks that hold it in the rod and dip it in bleach water. Let it soak for 30 minutes. Drain the water from the tub. Add enough fresh water to cover the shower curtain and use your hands to the SUS in the water to rinse. Drain the water the excess from the shower curtain. Replacing the curtain hooks and let it drip dry.

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