Comfortable and Functional Outdoor Wicker Furniture

Oct 10th
Outdoor Wicker Table
outdoor wicker table

Outdoor wicker furniture – During the warm season, your deck an extension of your house. There is an outdoor living space that can be a living and dining room all in one. After comfortable and functional wicker furniture deck makes all the difference in how much you use your outdoor living space.

Place distressed outdoor wicker furniture in the sitting areas on the porch or deck and accented with vintage fabric pillows and table coverings. Using old teacups to keep sensitive fern or herb plants on the tables and shop all outdoor spaces with very rusty watering cans, iron flower urns and distressed birdhouses with old vintage door knobs and hinges. Pastels should be used for all fabric needs including pads, shades and pillows. Go all out in an enclosed patio space by hanging a vintage chandelier for elegant lighting.

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Using curved outdoor wicker furniture chairs and an assortment of old wood painted straight back chairs to place around a rustic wood table for entertaining. The overall design element in this furnished room is organic, so place the stone cairns you stack up yourself in the flower beds and the rest Votive wooden bark around your entertaining area finally set the mood.

Tips on Painting Outdoor Wicker Furniture

Outdoor wicker furniture – Considered to be the classic furniture seems wicker never go out of style. Indoor or outdoor, wicker have a particular look for it, which can be easily fit into virtually any device, wicker normally in its natural color, but it is not uncommon to see the painted white. If natural or white is not fitting in with the color scheme of your interior, the only option is to paint it. Like any job, painting must be done in a well ventilated area. If the weather is cooperative, this is a great project to do outdoors. If not, then a little bit of garage space a practical alternative. Lay down newspapers to put the furniture to avoid unwanted paint spots on earth.

The easiest way to paint wicker is with spray paint. Outdoor wicker furniture painting with a brush, in view of the holes could take an incomprehensible amount of time. It is cheaper and easier to simply use spray paint in a can. Spray the entire surface and allow drying completely before turning it over to spray that was previously excluded. If the wicker was painted a dark color already, you should not need a primer, but if it was found spray paint primer and a coat should be enough.

Protection for outdoor wicker furniture, especially if you do this outside, could wind come into play and cause spray paint for occasional stray off course. Wear old clothes that you do not care if it becomes tainted and wear gloves as paint can be problematic skin. Wear a mask to prevent inhaling it, as the fumes are not healthy and goggles to protect your eyes.

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