Convert a Computer Armoire Ikea

Sep 29th
Beautiful Computer Armoire Ikea Design
Beautiful Computer Armoire Ikea Design

Computer armoire ikea – With the proliferation of laptops, many people whose old computers carry out making their next notebook PC purchase. So what happens to the old computer desk? No problem to throw a cheap one from Ikea, but if you have invested a significant amount of money in a high-quality computer armoire ikea, you might want to put them to work elsewhere in your home as an attractive storage piece.


Many armoires are different, but all have large spaces for a monitor. To install a shelf in this space, take a measurement of the space, the length, width and thickness of the walls of the armoire.

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Visit a hardware store and buy a 2-inch thick board that fits in the space and two 2-inch wide pieces that will be used as the mounting pieces. Finally, buy spikes is less than the thickness of the armoire plus two inches. Decide where you want to install your shelf in the monitor area; many people might want to put it in the middle. If so, measure the height, and put a mark halfway up each side.

Install the mounting pieces. Place your small pieces of wood on the side of the computer armoire ikea so that the top of the wood meets your pencil mark, and then hammer several nails into the wood to secure it. Do the same on the other side. Set the shelf on top of the wood mounting brackets. If you want you can nail the shelf in place, but it is not necessary.

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