Decorate a Rustic Window Mirror

Feb 26th
Top Rustic Window Mirror
Top Rustic Window Mirror

Rustic window mirror commercially available or available as a do-it-yourself project made out of a window and mirror – add dimension to a room. Mirrors often serve to create space in the room and to reflect daylight, decorative features artwork and increase the impact of the actual windows in the room. Windows mirrors take that power up a notch with a fool-the-eye artistry. Decorate a window mirror to increase its efficiency in all rooms.

Clean rustic window mirror with 1 tbsp. white vinegar in 1/2 cup of water. Dip a cloth in the solution and apply it to the mirror sparingly. When moisture seeps into a mirror, it can damage the backing and some frames may become discolored when exposed to moisture. Polish the mirror with the newspaper, taking care not to rub the newspaper on the frame. Newspaper gives the mirror a lint-free shine.

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Carefully peel static cling decoration outside support and place it in the desired location on the mirror. For example, placing the planets over the tops of windows mirror panels for a child’s room or stained glass foil designs on windows mirror panels for the living room or bath. Press plastic wrap with the palm of his hand against the glass. If it goes awry, peel it from one edge and reuse it. Change foil decorations on the rustic window mirror the seasons and holidays. Static cling decorations come off without leaving a residue; save them to reuse them.

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