How to Decorate Wicker Rocking Chair

Oct 7th
Wood Wicker Rocking Chairs
Wood Wicker Rocking Chairs

Wicker rocking chair – Decorate around a rocking chair if your chair has an unusual design or has a special meaning for you. For example, if the chair is an inheritance that has been passed down in his family for generations or if the chair was carved by a friend or relative for the arrival of their first child. Rocking chairs fit with different types of decoration, as the cottage traditional, modern or country, depending on the design and style of the chair you choose. Decorate with your favorite rocking chair in your bedroom, living room or baby live if that’s where the chair will get the most use.

Paint the room or put wallpaper with a color that complements the style and finish of your swing. For example, a modern wicker rocking chair with clean lines and bright colors would likely clumsy with old fashioned wallpaper, floral-patterned.

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Surrounds the wicker rocking chair with complementary furniture. Place your chair so it is a focal point of the room, as in the first corner you see when you enter the room, or in front of a natural focal point such as a fireplace. Choose pieces of wood in the same color and design as the chair or match the chair with a sofa in matching upholstery. All the furniture in the room does not have to match exactly, but should complement the chair. Hang window coverings that match the cushions on the chair, if you have cushions. Use simple and neutral shades if no cushions and do not want to divert attention from the rocking chair. Alternatively, the curtains can serve as backdrop for the chair if the chair sits in front of a window.

Decor Wicker Rocking Chair Vintage

If you have a collection wicker rocking chair and beloved vintage items that you do not know what to do with, brush off and put them to good use as home decor. Refresh any room in your home by incorporating elegant antiques in the design. Be creative by reusing vintage designing fresh, custom decorating. When decorating with antiques, be sure to combine them with modern pieces to avoid turning your home into a museum.

Instructions Decor Wicker Rocking Chair Vintage

Decorate a room with vintage furniture. Update wooden object with a few coats of paint if you want to refresh them; you can also leave worn items that are creating a Shabby Chic look. Place cushions on an antique wicker love seat or a wooden bench or rocking chair to add comfort and style. Use a vintage sea captain’s chest as a creative coffee table in your living room or as a toy box and its elements in a child’s bedroom.

Improve your home with vintage textiles. Vases or candy dishes on vintage lace napkins for a charming look. Sew Vintage handkerchiefs to create custom kitchen or bathroom curtains; sewing rings of peaks curtains or using clip rings so you can hang them from sticks. Fold an antique quilt over the back of the sofa or at the foot of a bed.

Use vintage hardware to update the usual furniture and cabinets. Replace uninspired drawer pulls and cabinet handles with antique crystal or hand-painted ceramic versions. Hang vintage gold light wall sconces above a bed, vanity table or sofa.

Add small vintage touches to the room to create a big impact. Decorating the bedroom or bathroom walls with framed vintage fashion magazine ads and toiletries. Fill vintage glass apothecary jars with a seashell or antique key collection and display them on shelves and side tables.

Recycle vintage creating fresh decorating. Place an antique wire bird cage in the center of a dining table and fill it with candles and vases of flowers. Turn a vintage wooden-framed window glass in a picture frame for several pictures. Use a delicate antique teapot to hold a bouquet of rose’s honey.

Painting Wicker Rocking Chairs

Wicker rocking chairs – Painting furniture can be an experience rewarding for someone who likes to work with hands and a wooden rocking chair provides a simple canvas, but also allows you to show some style artistic staff. Chair clean with a cloth dampened with soap and water, taking care not to wet wood too. Remove all dirt and dust. Let air dry chair until not feel more moisture, which can take up to an hour. Use a fan to accelerate drying as desired.

Wicker rocking chairs, rub the wood with fine sandpaper, sandpaper gently with circular movements, from top to bottom. Be careful, and into the smallest corners and folds bending the sandpaper in the middle and with the folded edge sanding. When you are sanding all surfaces, clean the dust with a clean, dry cloth. Paint from the top to the bottom of the chair moves up and down long. For smaller folds, use small ceramic brushes. It covers all surfaces of the chair with a thin layer of paint. Let the chair dry completely, which can take up to an hour. When the first coat is dry to the touch, paint a second coat and let dry completely.

Wicker rocking chairs add stencil or paint any design you want: classic alpine floral designs of an antique chair, animal designs block for a child’s chair, geometric patterns for a modern chair. Paint directly inside or around the templates, but draws the designs first if you are going to paint freehand.

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