How to Mount a Wooden Wine Racks

Oct 2nd
Wooden Wine Racks WR 100

Wooden wine racks – Add a wooden wine rack in a closet or a set of shelves is a great way to stock wine in a decoration. Add a shelf to a structure instead of buying or building larger already containing easels with wine, you will get advantage over the existing mobile and better use of the space that the house has. With some basic skills in carpentry and some materials, it is possible to carry out this project for mount a wooden wine racks, which will store your wine bottles safely and securely until you need to use them.

Cut a board the dimensions required for your shelf. These dimensions depend on the size of the rack or accessory in which install the shelf wine. For best results, make sure that the accessory can support a shelf with at least 30 cm deep, which is the depth of a bottle lying on its side.

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Wooden Wine Racks : Do it yourself

Mark every 11 cm from the side of the shelf with a tape measure and a pencil. Draw a line perpendicular to the pencil mark in each tray. To make sure that the lines are straight, use a carpenter square as a guide. Cut pieces of wooden wine racks semi-cylinder with a radius of about 2.5 cm with a saw, according to the width of the plate. Sand the ends of each piece when cutting them.

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