Ideas to Make Rustic Wood Coffee Table

Jan 29th
Stylish Rustic Wood Coffee Table
Stylish Rustic Wood Coffee Table

Rustic wood coffee table – Rustic decor requires simple furniture with lots of texture. Chairs made of top branches and coffee tables made of antlers are characteristic parts of a room with rustic style. You can create a rustic coffee table easily from a salvaged window or from part of an old door. Recyclable works beautifully for a rustic decor.

You can find Salvaged windows waiting to be recycled at your local salvage yard or antique shop. Yard sales are also great resources for unwanted windows. The legs of your coffee table can also be saved or purchased new at your local home improvement supply store. Sand wood sections of your window with medium or light-grade sandpaper, depending on its condition. Most windows have already been painted, so if you want to color it for your room, you need to sand it all the way down to the wood. It would be easier to repaint the window when you have cleaned and sanded it. Carefully remove all the sanding debris with a damp cloth. Everything you leave on the tree become part of the finish. You may not want to refinish your window at all. Shabby finished windows have more consistency, perfect for a rustic wood coffee table. Tape the glass with painter’s tape to protect it from paint or stain.

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Rustic Wood Coffee Table Finishing

Apply the finish according to the manufacturer’s instructions and let it dry. Remove the tape. Exit rustic wood coffee table legs are the same as the window if they are removed from the water. New legs require priming before painting them. Apply stain which previously stained wood. Secure the legs to each corner of the window.

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