Make A Cement Garden Bench

Jan 23rd
Sweet Cement Garden Bench
Sweet Cement Garden Bench

To make a cement garden bench you must choose a design for your concrete bench. Select a sturdy particle board or plywood material to create a mold to the bench. You only have four pages as a top and bottom will we where the concrete to set. Cutting table for a size for your design. Nail the four sides together. Then pick a location to place the bench. Dig a flat ground about 5 inches in depth and large enough to accommodate the size of your created box. Allow about 5 inches on each side of the box for a clearing. Remove dirt and dead roots in the area surrounding the bench so that the concrete will not be disturbed. Level the ground and compress it with a flathead shovel.

Next step to make a cement garden bench, place the box mold over the hole. Use a level to ensure that it is completely flat. Operating a wood pole in the ground on each side of the box to help stabilize it, when the concrete is poured. Cement is a very heavy material, which will cause the box to change. If the surface is uneven, the bench can be warped or have big dips in it. Next, concrete mix along with water and a shovel. Fill the box mold to the top with concrete. Although the top off with a trowel for a smooth finish. Allow the concrete to dry, usually about 24 hours.

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Last, remove the stakes and mold from surrounding concrete. Be careful when you remove the nails in the model, making sure not to bust the concrete structure. Wash the sides and top to remove loose concrete or accumulated dirt. Consider using a stain liquid or paint to add a decorative touch to your new bench. cement garden bench was finished.

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