Making Mid Century Modern Lamps

Feb 2nd
Mid Century Modern Swing Arm Lamp
Mid Century Modern Swing Arm Lamp

Mid century modern lamps – If you can not find a lamp that you like in a store, make your own. It is not as difficult as you might think to craft a modern lamp using cheap household materials. The method we prefer using plain white glue to stiffen the yarn into a solid ball that serves as a lampshade.

Instructions : Mid century modern lamps

Spray paint your cords so that they are all the same color. Fill a balloon until it is the size you want for your finished lampshade. You need a balloon for each hue. A matching set of mid century modern lamps could be made from balloons of various shapes such as a spherical shade. Balance balloon in the cup or bowl, so that the knotted end point of the roof.

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Pour white glue into an old plastic container and thin it down a bit with cold water. Take the end of your ball of yarn and unravel about an arm’s length from it. Take the length of yarn from the glue dry off excess glue with your fingers (direct it back into the container). After you have used most of the sticky yarn, tear up another arm’s length on it and drown it in the glue.

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Cut the end of the yarn when you are happy with your design and turn it around the wire ring a few times. Repeat the process with another balloon to make a matching mid century modern lamps. Use your scissors to pop the balloons and remove them from the inside lampshades. Attach the wire rings (with attached yarn-orb lampshades) to your feet.

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