Making Rustic Side Table

Mar 25th
Rustic Side Table Small
Rustic Side Table Small

Rustic side table – Ceramic tiles may be used as a table top to create a water surface with a decorative accent. Ceramic tiles are quite inexpensive and can be purchased in a variety of colors and patterns. This makes it possible to take some old wooden side table and transform it into high end furniture that perfectly matches your home decor. Take this project further by painting or staining the bones on the side table in a color that is free for the plates.

Rustic side table: Instructions

Prepare an old wooden rustic side table for the ceramic tile by grinding up the side table surface with low sandpaper. The surface should be rough enough to provide good adhesion of the mortar. Remove dust from the tabletop with a damp cloth.

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Place the plates on top of the rustic side table. Place tile spacers between the tiles to account for the joints. Move the tiles around until you are satisfied with the tile layout. Write down or select the layout lines on the table before you remove tiles from the table. Place the side table on a cloth or newspaper to keep any mess off the floor.

Scoop out thinnest mortar with a trowel. Apply the mortar to the top of the table side with putty. Set plastic or rubber tile spacers between the plates as you go. Let side table to dry overnight. Remove tile spacers from the rustic side table. The grout joints of ceramic tiles with grout and grout sponge. Cover the edges of the table with wood trim. Cutting the trim on a miter saw and nail trimming directly into the wood portion of the table top.

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