Popularity of Ikea Butcher Block Countertops

Oct 4th
Ikea Butcher Block Countertops
Ikea Butcher Block Countertops

IKEA butcher block countertops are popular in kitchens for their durability, simple beauty and easy care. Most butcher block counters are sealed to protect against water damage, but seal does not last forever. Depending on how often you use your counters for cooking food, you need to apply a new coat of oil up to 12 times a year. Apart from this, requires counters only basic care to maintain their attractiveness for many years.

Seasonal ikea butcher block countertops for first time, 05:55 layer of mineral oil, then each layer to soak for four to six hours before application of next layer. Help your butcher block countertops stay in good shape and prevent frequent re-oiling using a humidifier in your home during cold winter months when air is drier. Use no more than 1 teaspoon.

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Water to clean ikea butcher block countertops. This can dry wood surface, which cause cracks to form and creates places for bacteria to hide. Do not use vegetable oil on butcher block countertops, as it becomes rancid. Mineral oil provides best finish and prevents moisture from damaging tree. Do not cut raw meat directly on tree tops. Instead, place a small plastic cutting board on top of counter and cut meat on top of it.

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