Refinish Antique Rustic Bathroom Vanities Cabinets

Oct 4th
Extraordinary Rustic Bathroom Vanities
Extraordinary Rustic Bathroom Vanities

Rustic bathroom vanities – Starting with remove all items from the bathroom vanities cabinets and countertops. Remove the doors and drawers from the bathroom frame and remove any hardware. Sand the surface of the doors, drawers and cupboards frame with 220 -sandpaper until you have removed any protective coating and the surface of the cabinets is rough. Fourth, wash cabinets using a solution of hot water and TSP. Mix the solution according to manufacturer’s label instructions and allow cabinet to dry before continuing.

Tape the area where wall and frame meet with the help of a 2 – inch wide edge of the painter’s tape. Tape around the back of the drawers, where the drawer frame meets the drawer front as well. Apply a thin layer with a satin finish base color. Apply the paint to thin or hard to reach areas. Let the base coat dry overnight. Seventh, use a paint roller with a ¼ – inch nap using a thin and even layer of crackle or weathering glaze. Apply glaze vertically and horizontally and use just enough to cover all parts of doors, drawers and frame of rustic bathroom vanities.

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Rustic bathroom vanities Instructions

Let the glaze dry (depending on the manufacturer’s instructions). Do not let the frosting dry overnight. Apply a thin layer of top coat. Use flat or satin gloss paint for the top coat. Simply apply one coat of top layer color and not continuous roller paint roller over the same section. The crackling glaze will start working within minutes of top – coat and base coat will show through the cracks. Last, let everything dry for 72 hours before applying a thin layer of clear protestant. When protestant dries, attach some hardware and install the cabinet doors and drawers. And the antique rustic bathroom vanities were done.

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