Restoring Rustic Ceiling Lights

Oct 2nd
Rustic Ceiling Light Ideas
Rustic Ceiling Light Ideas

Rustic ceiling lights – Maintaining the historical features of your home by restoring the old ceiling. Under layers of dust and paint from the room redesigns throughout the year is the original metallic finish on the old ceiling. Older lamps were often made of high quality metal that can be restored to its original condition with little effort. The restored period furnishings will add conversation piece for your home.


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Holder lamp away with a utility brush to remove any loose debris, dirt and dust that may have accumulated on the light. Use paint remover to the fixture, painted surfaces with a cloth. Stripping the reacted on the surface of the fixture for the time directed in stripping paint container.

Holder loosened paint from the fixture with a stiff brush tool with light blows. Infection of the remaining paint with a cloth. Wash the surface of the rustic ceiling lights with soap and water and a clean cloth to remove any remaining stripper solvent. Use metal polish to a clean cloth and rub the polish to the metal areas of the light. Rub the polish to the metal until the light is bright and restored to original condition.

Paint the rustic ceiling lights if you do not like the original metal on the light. Follow instructions on the paint stripper container carefully. Wear eye, hand and face protection during the application of the same solvent.

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