Rustic Lighting Fixtures Ideas

Jan 6th
Rustic Track Lighting Fixtures
Rustic Track Lighting Fixtures

Rustic lighting fixtures come in many forms, but all work the same way: the cables from the power supply in your house to connect to the fixture, making it a part of an electrical circuit that shines the light. Setting a new circuit with a switch and fittings require access to the inside of the walls and ceilings. It is best done during construction or remodeling where the walls are opened.

Rustic lighting fixtures : Instructions

Decide where you want your rustic lighting fixtures. In the middle of the room is generally best. Run a length of electrical cable from the fuse box (without binding it that) to the switchbox you have installed. Run another length of cable from the upper hole in the box, switch to one of the holes in the box roof stringing cable through walls and ceilings.

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Use your wire strippers on the switchbox to deprive a half inch of insulation from the ends of the two white and two black cables. Take the cable from the bottom of the junction box and, with your pliers, fashion at the end of it into a small hook. Tuck wires into the box, main switch in front of it and attached to the switch box with the screws provided. Strip the ends of the conduits in the roof box as before.

Connect your rustic lighting fixtures by connecting the black and white wires from the fixture to the black and white wires from the box with wire nuts. Mount the rustic lighting fixtures to the box with the screws provided. Turn off the main breaker to your fuse box.

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