Rustic Metal Mirror Ideas

Oct 2nd
Rustic Metal Mirror Image
Rustic Metal Mirror Image

Rustic metal mirror – The process of making rustic metal mirror is simple. It involves covering a sheet of glass (which needs to be cut into the required form before being covered) with silver or aluminum with the help of a chemical process. It is very important that the glass is polished perfectly since any bulging, hole or imperfection will cause distortion of the reflected image. There are many ways in which the glass is covered with the chosen metal to form a mirror.

In high precision industrial productions, this is done by bringing the metal to boiling point in special chambers and then causing it to condense onto the glass sheet to form a thin but perfect cover of the finish. For this process to be carried out, highly specialized machines such as a vaporizer and metal boilers are needed, which can not be installed or used at home. The back of the mirror is painted to protect the metallic layer from damage.

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rustic metal mirror Making Process

The rustic metal mirror process is simple enough to be replicated at home without the need of any technical or industrial equipment through a series of simple chemical reactions. You need to make two solutions, one containing metal nitrate, ammonia and distilled water and the other with the rochelle salts dissolved in the distilled water.

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