Tensile Rustic Wood Headboard

Sep 28th
Stylish Rustic Wood Headboard
Stylish Rustic Wood Headboard

Rustic wood headboard – Age and wear can gradually loosen a wooden headboard, making it squawk every time someone moves. With a few household tools and a helping hand, you can take your headboard and get rid of the squeaks, squawks and banging on the headboard on the wall.

Tensile rustic wood headboard, lift the mattress and box spring and set them aside. Remove the side runners by lifting them out of the grooves in the end. In some cases there will be bolts that must be removed to do this. You may also need a hammer to urge the side rails of the headboard. Spray both sides of the hook portion of the side rail that goes into the headboard with a light coating of cooking spray and slide them back into the slot, pressing down firmly. If there were bolts holding the rail in place, re-screw them, so they are very tight.

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Tensile rustic wood headboard

Tensile rustic wood headboard, wiggle frame from side to side to see if there is loose elsewhere and can cause a sound. It may be that the gable itself needs repair if it is wobbly. You may need to glue loose joints or add shims, if needed, to tighten it. Check the foot of the frame, too, and tighten any loose nuts or bolts. Replace the box spring and mattress. This is a good time to change the direction of the box spring so that each manager is now the foot and turn your mattress.

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