The Different Types of Mid Century Modern Rugs

Oct 8th
Plain Mid Century Modern Rugs
Plain Mid Century Modern Rugs

Mid century modern rugs – Rugs often referred to as traditional, the oriental rugs in Persia and India, which have been designed for at least 2500 years. The term Oriental refers to a large geographical area covering Central Asia, India and Turkey. The mid century modern rugs from this region have very different techniques, motifs and materials. But have in common that they were probably the earliest rugs and precursors to almost all other types of mid century modern rugs.

Oriental rugs affected rug making trade in Afghanistan, Pakistan, and Europe, especially France, Spain and Greece, and the Americas. Mid century modern rugs of any region are typically handmade of natural materials such as wool, cotton or silk and hand-dyed by natural dyes. Much of what we know about mid century modern rugs comes from paintings and references in the literature. Because the rugs are fragile and unlikely to survive more than a few hundred years.

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While the oldest preserved rug is the Pastry rug that was found frozen in an ice-covered Scythian burial mound and dates to the 5th century f.Kr. Handmade mid century modern rugs was unique and contained interesting irregularities from when the artisans were forced to interrupt their work to move to new places. It is likely that mid century modern rugs created by nomadic tribes found their way to the remote parts of Asia because of the migratory habits of the tribes who created them.

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