When Installing Wooden Solid Hardwood Flooring

Dec 27th
Wide Solid Hardwood Flooring
Wide Solid Hardwood Flooring

Solid hardwood flooring – When you decide to install solid wood floors in an existing home or new construction, take into account temperature and humidity of the season and how flooring installation will interrupt their other plans. Factor the time it takes to acclimate timber and away obstacles in the total time of project completion. Start the project when you can reasonably finish during a season that gives your hardwood floors their best chance for success. Make plans to install a hardwood floor replacement when the project will interrupt your home as possible. If you want to replace a large area and cannot move their furniture in the house, rent a portable storage unit to store your items in for a few days. Buy pre-finished floors if possible to minimize installation time due end time, drying time and time length varnish extend project. Do not plan an installation of new floor with a looming deadline as hosting company, due to unforeseen difficulties may delay the completion of the installation.

Install solid hardwood flooring in new construction projects or remodeling after installing kitchen cabinets, appliances and other permanent heavy equipment, but before the motherboard and seat. Appliance Motors and installers can damage plants. Choose to install hardwood floors when the concrete slab or subfloor is wood below contains the lowest possible moisture. In new construction, it is recommended to wait at least six months after pouring concrete to dry completely before installing hardwood. During spring or other rainy seasons, the waiting time can be extended.

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Wood floors installed on damp subfloors or concrete can wrap or buckle over time, and trapping moisture can cause mold or mildew growth. Test your floor for moisture, even if it feels dry by applying plastic sheets around the perimeter fully secured with tape. After a few days, if the bottom of the plastic is wet, the floor needs to dry more before installing solid hardwood flooring. After buying hardwood floors, I put it in the house where you are installing and removing board’s boxes. Wait at least a week for tables acclimate to temperature and humidity of the room before installation. During that time, maintain the temperature and humidity controlled.

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